The most popular game in the Magical Kingdom that attracts everyone in its world. Participants ride on massive majestic dragons to showcase their abilities.
The winner of the game becomes the most honored of the entire Kingdom. It is the race of all races battling to the top and there can only be one winner.
Will you and your team become the chosen ones and claim victory in the infamous Dragon Race?
The game is a fantasy blockchain game where you train and compete in 3D with your dragon against other riders in brutal dragon races. Players can earn bounty by winning races. Players breed new dragons with other players. Dragons are NFT, you can buy/sell them as well.
Dragon race is held at 3D field. With VR technology, and you can enjoy the race as if you are watching it from the audience seat. You can enjoy more by forecast and bet the race and winning tokens.
Mate to create new dragon types. Baby dragons are born with a combination of their parent's features with new features.
Train dragons by focusing on their key features bringing out their true abilities and win the race!
Train your dragons to compete against other players in exciting races. The higher the race level you win, the more tokens you earn